Episode 126

How to Exit a Travel Business During a Global Lockdown with Cyrus Ghazanfar

This week on The Exit: How do you exit a travel business during a global lockdown? When Cyrus Ghazanfar co-founded Pilota, a machine learning product to predict the risk of flight disruptions, he never imagined that every flight in the world would be grounded in just a few months. The travel market completely disappeared as flights were halted, and while the business could sustain themselves for a few months, it turned out COVID would last much longer. So how did they negotiate an Exit to Hopper, a travel company valued at $5B, during a pandemic? Listen to find out.
Cyrus Ghazanfar is the Co-founder and CTO at Beagle, which is aiming to solve inefficiencies in the 401(k) market. Previously, Cyrus co-founded Pilota where they used AI to proactively mitigate travel risk, which was acquired in 2021.

Website – cyzanfar.github.io/

Website – https://meetbeagle.com/

Twitter @BeagleFinancial- https://twitter.com/beaglefinancial

LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/cyzanfar

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