Episode 157

Pioneering Industry Transformation with Sergio Ribeiro

This week on The Exit: Sergio Ribeiro, founder and CEO of Radiolife, has always thrived on embracing challenges. Armed with a computer science background, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey after completing his education. His first business took shape in the telecom industry, driven by his realization of the stifling monopolization in the Brazilian telecom sector. Sergio’s perception of the internet’s potential led him to seize the opportunity to introduce a groundbreaking product that significantly slashed call costs by half. As the years rolled on, the company came across an incredible acquisition offer. Sergio and his team weren’t really prepared for an exit, but found it too compelling to decline… Listen to find out the intriguing story of this exit, gain invaluable exit preparation insights from Sergio himself, and explore how he is currently pioneering disruption in the diagnostic industry.

Sergio Ribeiro brings a proven track record of success, marked by a successful exit in the Telecom sector. With a strong foundation in computer science and the distinction of holding two MBA degrees, Sergio possesses over 18 years of valuable experience in steering startups towards growth and innovation. As the Founder and CEO of Radiolife, he is on a mission to reshape the future of diagnostics, leveraging his diverse expertise to drive impactful change in the healthcare landscape.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergiosaribeiro/

X (Twitter) @Radiolifelabs: https://twitter.com/radiolifelabs

Website: https://www.radiolifelabs.com/ 

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