Episode 156

Building Businesses with Veteran Entrepreneur Lara Morgan

This week on The Exit: We have a very special returning guest, who was in the first ever episode of the show. Lara Morgan needs no introduction – she’s an exceptional investor in the health and wellness sectors and a seasoned entrepreneur. We’re catching up on her journey, discussing the gender gap in entrepreneurship, and diving into her exits. Her entrepreneurial journey began in 1991, and after 17 years, she successfully exited her first company for a staggering £20 million. Lara now boasts an impressive portfolio of brands, and in this episode, she delves into the motivations behind her acquisitions, her decision-making process, strategies for nurturing and growing successful businesses, and much more. Plus, she imparts invaluable wisdom for female entrepreneurs seeking to bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

Lara Morgan is a British entrepreneur with a track record of delivering exceptional accelerated growth. Her investment strategy in wellbeing products primarily is pinned to improving life’s journey. Investing as a family office she has a portfolio of seven consumer services businesses which she works to drive sales, leadership and innovation. Lara founded her first business, Pacific Direct, in 1991 at the age of just 23. She quickly grew Pacific Direct into a specialist global supplier of luxury high end brands for five-star hotels. Seventeen years later, she sold Pacific Direct for £20 million. At Pacific Direct she was involved in multiple disciplines from luxury brand licensing, marketing, retail operations to commercial and private label development. She is actively engaged with various global non-profits as a board member or advisor. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laramorgan/ 

Twitter @iamlaramorgan: https://twitter.com/iamlaramorgan

Website: www.laramorgan.co.uk

Lara’s First Appearance on The Exit: https://flippa.com/blog/the-exit-podcast-solo-act-to-booming-business-with-lara-morgan/

Scentered: https://scentered.com/ 

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