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Risk Taking, Music A.I and New Opportunities with Hazel Savage

This week on The Exit: Journey through music AI with Hazel Savage, ex CEO and CO-Founder at Musiio. When Hazel got gifted a guitar at 13, she knew her life would be filled with music. Little did she know, she would go on to found one of the most sought after businesses in music AI — Musiio. When the business was just four years old, Soundcloud approached Hazel with two questions: can you work with over 250 million songs? And do you want to sell? Listen to learn about her exit and how she ended up as the VP of Music Intelligence at Soundcould.

Hazel is a music-tech lifer, guitarist and CEO/Co-Founder at Musiio. She started her music-tech journey as an early employee at Shazam and spent time understanding the pain points of the industry at Pandora, Universal and HMV before launching Musiio in 2018.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/musiio/

Twitter – @Musiio – https://twitter.com/Musiio

Website – https://www.musiio.com/


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