Episode 191

Beyond Balance Sheets: Tina Moser on Building Strong Businesses

This week on The Exit: Tina Moser has come a long way since her start in entrepreneurship, which she describes as being like jumping from a plane and building the parachute on the way down.

As the owner of multiple businesses and Finance Director at Cultivate Advisors, she shares her evolution from developing financial literacy to successfully exiting her business.

Tina highlights the significance of understanding financial health beyond profit and loss statements, urging entrepreneurs to focus on future projections and cash flow management.

Regarding building a team, she stresses the need for leadership development and hiring strategies that prioritize the quality of new hires over immediacy.

Reflecting on her past, Tina advises her younger self to embrace spending strategically and prioritize ROI analysis.

For more details and insights from her entrepreneurial journey, listen to the latest episode of The Exit.

Personal Bio: 

Tina Moser is the Strategic Finance Director at Cultivate Advisors, where she specializes in making big goals a reality with solid, financially savvy steps. During Tina’s time as a business owner, she ensured that her financials were dialed in to show the company’s true profit. When Tina became an advisor, she helped her clients look honestly at their finances to identify wasted potential. Through Tina’s guidance, her clients have become more profitable, others also have successfully exited their businesses, and all reached the work-life balance they have been striving to achieve. Tina also started a podcast called Women Choosing Growth. The purpose of the podcast is to help give support, guidance, and actionable advice to women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Cultivate Advisors: https://cultivateadvisors.com/ 
Women Choosing Growth Podcast: https://womenchoosinggrowth.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womenchoosinggrowth/ 

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