Episode 199

Rethinking Capital: MelRose Wild’s Alternative to Traditional VC

This week on The Exit: MelRose Wild, CEO of Permaculture Capital and Decision Society, discusses the importance of inclusion in the C-suite, particularly for women, and highlights data showing that gender-diverse executive teams and boards outperform their less diverse counterparts across multiple financial metrics.

She also explains the challenges women face in raising capital with the traditional VC model.

It is because of these very challenges that she created Decision Society, a platform that connects female founders with experienced operators to develop their startups in exchange for equity, thereby providing an alternative method to building businesses that do not rely entirely on VC funding.

For more details and insights from her entrepreneurial journey, listen to the latest episode of The Exit.

Personal Bio: 

MelRose Wild is a former fashion designer for her collection Paradisiac, a former globally recognized fashion model, and currently a registered representative of Umergence Broker Dealer, and CEO of Permaculture Capital. She is the founder of Decision Society. Decision Society is a one-stop-success-shop for women to form ideation of companies through exits with operational and financial guidance and services. Her firm also offers Sustainability Planning which starts with SDG reports, and problem-solving per SDG, and provides marketing materials for consumer and investor-facing content. Her firm offers permaculture-oriented solutions for long-lasting business, conscious and responsible investing, and operational opportunities as well as a safe place for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ++ to grow their businesses and connect. With a financial services background that includes Single Family Office, Institution, Private Equity, and 3-time entrepreneur, she brings 20 years of female business and empowerment to the table.

Learn More: https://www.permaculture.capital/

Link for Decision Society:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/decisionsociety/

The study by Catalyst that was mentioned in the episode:


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