Episode 178

Soldier to Seller: Jon Caldwell’s Amazon Exit Story

This week on The Exit: Jon Caldwell, an entrepreneur who transitioned from the army to business, shares his journey from starting a pet supplements brand on Amazon to its successful exit. 

He highlights the importance of pricing strategies, noting how testing different price points was crucial for his product’s success. 

Despite facing challenges like inventory management and waiting for a TV show appearance, Jon’s persistence paid off when his business took off in sales and eventually gained the attention of the company that would acquire the brand.

For a full account of his journey and the valuable lessons he learned along the way, listen to the latest episode of the Exit.

Jon Caldwell is an entrepreneurial growth leader that has sold more than $23M of software, services, and physical products. Over the last decade, Jon has raised money, started and sold a company, built and led teams, and led revenue growth for companies in several industries. After his time in the Canadian military Jon created an Amazon business that after he scaled, he was able to exit from, and thus starting his entrepreneurial career. Jon currently is a consultant traveling the world while helping businesses with their B2B SaaS growth and achieving true revenue turnaround. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonmcaldwell/

Website: https://3victor.io/

X (Twitter): https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonmcaldwell/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JonCaldwell_

For a Free Flippa Business Valuation: https://flippa.com/exit


Steve McGarry

An entrepreneur, content creator, and investor based in sunny Tampa, Florida. In 2015, while living in San Francisco, Steve sold his first fintech startup LendLayer to Max Levchin’s (founder of PayPal) consumer finance company Affirm.

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