Episode 194

Tactical Acquisitions and the Importance of Scaling Fast with Anthony Westfall

This week on The Exit: Anthony Westfall, an expert in business mergers and acquisitions, shares his insights on growth acquisitions and multiple exits. After working at Cisco during the dot-com bubble, Anthony moved to a startup, got laid off, and transitioned to the wine business.

His first solo venture was an online wine startup catering to nonprofits, which didn’t scale due to the nonprofits’ business approach. Once again Anthony needed to pivot. He moved to a private sale model for wine during the financial crisis, targeting high-end wine consumers. Despite initial success, Anthony missed out on scaling his venture fast enough and securing significant venture capital, leading to competitors surpassing him.

Anthony eventually grew his company through acquiring distressed assets and focusing on customer acquisition rather than tech or anything else. Anthony also ventured into the cannabis industry, intending to bring out-of-state brands into California. Realizing the industry’s high risk and capital intensity, he ultimately sold that business within 14 months.

With multiple exits under his belt now, Anthony now leverages his deep operational experience in brokering business sales to help others exit. He emphasizes the need for growth and understanding the intricacies of scaling ventures.

For more details and insights from his entrepreneurial journey, listen to the full episode of The Exit.

Personal Bio: 

Anthony Westfall is a seasoned corporate executive and entrepreneur with a truly diverse background across multiple industries. Tony has worked on and led multiple M&A deals throughout his career. As an entrepreneur, he has made several successful acquisitions and turned those bolt-on acquisitions into substantial exits from multiple companies that he founded. Tony has founded at least a half dozen companies and made several successful exits. Tony has his undergraduate degree in Economics from Michigan State University and his MBA in Finance and Supply Chain Management from the Broad Graduate School of Management.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-westfall-650776/

Exit Strategies Group Website – https://www.exitstrategiesgroup.com/ 

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