Episode 173

Building and Exiting the World’s First Voice Analytics Companies with Alysia Silberg

This week on The Exit: From developing the world’s first voice analytics-driven sales enablement application to working at the UN in championing women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, Alysia Silberg has had a remarkable career and she’s not slowing down. When Alysia built Acceleforce, an AI voice analytics company and the first of its kind in the world, she never expected to exit to one of their first customers. Since that exit, Alysia has worked in VC funding and most recently started Unemployable AI, a company dedicated to transforming businesses through tailored AI strategies. In this episode you’ll hear fascinating insights into the learnings Alysia has gained throughout her career and hear about what she would do differently for her next exit. Listen to hear what advice Alysia has for founders and what she looks for when investing in startups.

Alysia Silberg is an AI advisor, seed-stage tech investor, and board member with international leadership experience in AI, Crypto, Health, Sustainability, and Cybersecurity. As Founder and CEO of Unemployable AI, she brings global “know-how” from Silicon Valley, Europe, and Emerging Markets in advising businesses on building and scaling AI for maximum efficiencies, growth, and profits.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/alysiasilberg/

Website: https://www.readunemployable.com/

Website: www.streetglobalvc.com/

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