Feedback Policy

What is feedback on Flippa?

The feedback system on Flippa allows buyers and sellers to share their experiences in an open forum. We encourage genuine and honest feedback that is both helpful to the recipient and to the wider Flippa community.

Feedback requests are sent 14 days after the listing is declared won. This feedback invite expires after 120 days. Buyers will receive a second feedback invite 3 months after their purchase, asking them to rate the quality of the site. This feedback invite expires after 30 days.

Feedback is displayed on member profiles, and the current feedback score is displayed next to a member’s username wherever it appears on the site.

What is the purpose of these guidelines?

The Flippa feedback guidelines will help you provide appropriate feedback. In the spirit of open communication and trust, Flippa does not edit or censor feedback. However, if feedback is deemed to be in breach of these guidelines, it will be subject to removal.

Content guidelines

If feedback is in breach of these guidelines, other Flippa policies or deemed inappropriate for any other reason by Flippa staff, feedback will be removed from the site. Feedback may also be removed if a member violated other Flippa rules or policies, or the member made an error when leaving feedback.

We don’t allow feedback that contains:

  • Spam, advertising or other commercial content, including links to such content
  • Obscene, racist or vulgar language
  • Feedback not related to this sale, but to other transactions
  • Personally identifying information such as phone numbers or addresses
  • Political, religious or social commentary
  • Content that is fraudulent, misleading or deceptive
  • Content that refers to a Flippa dispute or investigation

Feedback extortion and manipulation

The use of feedback to force or encourage a buyer or seller to do something they are not obligated to do is not permitted on Flippa.

Buyers are not allowed to exchange positive reviews for goods or services that were not a part of the original transaction, or a refund.

Sellers are not allowed to require a buyer to leave a positive review for monetary or other compensation, refunds or other goods and services not included in the original sale.

Members are not allowed to conspire to increase each other’s feedback without merit or attempt to damage a member’s reputation with repeated negative feedback that is not warranted.

If you think you have experienced extortion or manipulation, please contact Flippa Support, [email protected].

Reporting problems with feedback

We encourage all buyers and sellers to resolve any problems between themselves prior to leaving feedback. If this is not possible, the Flippa dispute system is in place to help mediate these problems. If a breach of the Flippa Feedback Guidelines has taken place, email [email protected] with the details of the transaction, the feedback and why you think it is in breach of the guidelines.

All Flippa members should adhere to these guidelines. If they do not, consequences such as suspension or bans may apply at Flippa’s discretion.