The Seller Showcase Series is back

We’re bringing you three of our best Sellers and the listings they have available on Flippa right now.

Hosted by Flippa’s CEO, Blake Hutchison, you can be part of a live chat with three Sellers as we dive into each asset including background, key financials, site data, why they’re selling and most importantly why you should buy.

This Month’s Showcase Sellers

What we like:

  • Selling high-end iPhone accessories
  • $8,292 monthly profit
  • 12K monthly page views

Rafael O. L. de Lima

Selling Solidface | SaaS

What we like:

  • Growing CAD software business
  • $22,873 monthly profit
  • 81K monthly page views

What we like:

  • Branded training apparel business
  • $2,419 monthly profit
  • 4 years old

Seller Success