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The Exit Membership

Chat with like-minded entrepreneurs, access exclusive benefits and content, and discover member only perks.

Steps to join #the-exit-members Discord channel:

  • Log in to the Alts by Flippa Discord server
  • Find #the-exit-members channel
  • Join the channel, introduce yourself and chat to like-minded entrepreneurs

Three Reasons to Join

Chat with Entrepreneurs

Share business ideas, get feedback and chat with business owners, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Be In The Know

Be the first to learn about news, trends and topics entrepreneurs and industry experts are talking about.

Access Exclusive Perks

Get first access to events and exclusive Flippa listings shared on Discord.

Success Stories

Kerstin Sold Her SaaS Business for $142K on Flippa

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NZ Retiree Sold His Site for $5.2M on Flippa

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John Sold His Ecommerce Business for $550K on Flippa

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