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Refer a friend or colleague and earn 20% for every asset bought or sold on Flippa.

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It’s free to join. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

Start Referring

You can refer a business owner or buyer. We’ll track their progress.


When your referral is successful we’ll pay you 20% of our success fee.


Who is this for?

The referral program is for 1-to-1 referrals. Use your dedicated link and connect a business owner to one of our advisors.

The Perks

Flippa Referrer Benefits 


Highest Industry Commissions

We offer higher commissions than all of our competitors. We’ll pay 20% of our listing and success fees when your referrals list their business, sell their business or acquire a business.


World Class Advisory

Your referrals are in safe hands with a leading network of advisors. We will onboard your referral, provide valuation guidance and for all assets valued greater than $100,000 we will provided dedicated sell side advisory. 


A Leading Platform

Flippa’s platform combines AI powered matching and buy-side recommendations plus a deal room for end-to-end deal management including integrated Letters of Intent, due-diligence, and payments support.


No Limits

Forget about limits. You know business owners. We know deal making. We will track referrals for a full 365 day attribution window.


Is the program right for me?

The referral program is best suited to those looking to refer on a 1:1 basis. For example, you may have a friend or family member looking to sell a business.

If you have a community, a blog, YouTube channel or other, we suggest you join the Flippa Affiliate Program. You can find details here.

Is there a minimum number of sales before a payout?

No. We will track your referrals end-to-end and reconcile payments at the end of each month. 

Are there any program limitations?

You will need to agree to our terms before referring. You can review those terms here. Terms acceptance will be required when you apply.

Have more questions?

Get in touch at [email protected].