Flippa Invest Terms & Conditions

Flippa has recently updated its Flippa Invest Terms and Conditions (Terms​)

LAST UPDATED: October 12, 2022


Use of the Flippa Invest website (the “Site”) is subject to the following Terms of Use (“Terms”), which you agree to in addition to Flippa’s General Terms of Service, and may be updated at any time and without notice to the user.  By use and access to the Site, you agree to and accept the Terms, which govern your access and use of the Site and of the Content (as defined below) and the services and functionality made available on or through the Site (collectively, the “Invest Services”) whether as a guest or a registered user.  To the extent that there is a conflict between the General Terms of Service and these Terms, these Terms will control.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Representation of User

You agree and acknowledge that access and use of the Site and the Invest Services is provided only in accordance with these Terms. By using the Site or otherwise accessing the Invest Services, you indicate that you have read these Terms, that you accept these Terms are binding on you, and that you agree to abide by these Terms.  By browsing, accessing, or otherwise using the Invest Services in any manner, you hereby accept, without limitation or qualification, these Terms and Flippa’s General Terms of Service, and agree to be legally bound by such.  If you do not accept and agree to the Terms you may not access or use the Invest Services or any portion thereof and must exit the Site now.  Further, if you do not agree to these Terms, you agree that your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using this Site.

You understand and acknowledge that only qualified investors may invest in offerings posted on this Site, and that we may restrict investment to only Accredited Investors or non-U.S. persons in our sole discretion at any time.

You understand and acknowledge that no communication through this Site or in any other medium should be construed as a recommendation for any security offering.  The investment offerings on the Site are only available to qualified and/or accredited investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with these investments.  Securities sold through private placements and crowdfunding are not publicly traded and are intended for investors who do not have a need for a liquid investment.  Additionally, investors will receive restricted stock that will be subject to holding period requirements of at least a year, but in many cases much longer.

Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority has recommended or approved any investment or the accuracy or completeness of any of the information or materials provided by or through the website. Investors must be able to afford the loss of their entire investment.

Without limiting the disclaimers set forth in Section 21 of the General Terms of Service, you acknowledge and agree on behalf of yourself and, if you are a company, your directors, members, managers, officers, employees, contractors and other agents (your “Hired Parties”) that by providing the Invest Services, Flippa is not warranting to or otherwise guaranteeing the compliance of any third-party with any applicable laws.  You represent, warrant and covenant to Flippa, on behalf of yourself and, if you are a company, your Hire Parties, that at all times, in using Invest Services and your account on the Site: (A) you will, and will cause your Hired Parties to, comply with all applicable laws; and (B) you will, upon our request, reasonable cooperate with Flippa and promptly provide us with any materials reasonably required by us to enable us to provide the Invest Services and otherwise fulfill our obligations and responsibilities regarding the Invest Services and enable us and our third-party service providers and partners to comply with applicable laws.  The availability of these Terms may change at any time at our sole discretion and the investment terms you receive on the Site may be different.

2. Availability of the Site and Invest Services

We shall at all times and for whatever reason have the sole and exclusive right to temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate operation of your access to the Site or Invest Services, or to change or modify the functionality of the Site or Invest Services without any prior notification or giving any reason for such suspension, termination or modification.

You acknowledge and accept that the Site and the Invest Services may become unavailable from time to time due to various circumstances, and Flippa shall not be held liable for any loss incurred, suffered, caused or arising from any interruption, malfunction, downtime, unavailability, or other failure of the Site, the Invest Services (either in part or as a whole) for any reason whatsoever.

3. Use of Flippa Invest

The Invest Services allow qualified users to offer and invest in eligible investment opportunities.  During the application process to qualify to either offer or invest on the Site, we may ask you to provide us with various information about yourself and the details of your finances and, if applicable, the finances of your business.  When applying to use the Site, as an offeror or investor, you agree to provide current, complete, and accurate information about yourself and/or your business.  If any information you provide is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we reserve the right to terminate your application and decline to provide any and all future use of the Invest Services.  We will review the information you provide to us in connection with any application to use the Invest Services.  Once your application to offer or invest on the Site is approved by us, which we may approve or deny at our discretion, we retain the right to remove your access to the Site or remove any of your listings or applications at any time at our sole discretion.

4. Disclaimers

The Site is owned and operated by Flippa Pty Ltd.  Neither Flippa Pty Ltd. nor Flippa Inc. (“Flippa”) are registered broker-dealers, and neither provides investment advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendations with respect to any securities.  All securities of companies listed on this Site are being offered by, and all information included on this Site is the responsibility of, the applicable issuer of such securities. 

Flippa does not make investment recommendations and no communication, through this Site or in any other medium should be construed as a recommendation for any security offered on or off this investment platform.  Investment opportunities posted on this Site are private placements of securities that are not publicly traded, involve a high degree of risk, may lose value, are subject to holding period requirements and are intended for investors who do not need a liquid investment.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  Investors must be able to afford the loss of their entire investment. 

Neither Flippa nor any entity managed or advised by Flippa, or any of its officers, directors, agents and employees makes any warranty, express or implied, of any kind whatsoever related to the adequacy or completeness of any information on this Site or the use of information on this Site.  Offers to sell securities can only be made through official offering documents that contain important information about the investment and the issuers, including risks.  Investors should carefully read the offering documents.  Investors should conduct their own due diligence and are encouraged to consult with their tax, legal, and financial advisors.

5. Modifications

We may, from time to time, change these Terms.  Please check these Terms periodically for changes.  If you do not agree to the modified terms, you should remove your account from the Site and discontinue your use of the Invest Services.  We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Invest Services at any time (including by limiting or discontinuing certain features of the Invest Services), temporarily or permanently, without notice to you.  Flippa will have no liability for any change to the Invest Services or any suspension or termination of your access to or use of the Invest Services.