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High-Quality Websites, Instant Access, Training, Community & a Success Guarantee

What Human Proof Designs Offers

Affiliate Sites

Content sites (blogs) that generate income from affiliate commissions, advertisements, and digital products.

Dropshipping Sites

Ecommerce sites that don’t need to hold any inventory. The manufacturer sends the physical products directly to your customers, instead of to you first.

Local Lead Generation Sites

Help small businesses generate what matters the most to them, leads! These are websites that funnel leads to local businesses and helps them grow.

Highly Responsive & Modern Web Design

All our sites load lightning fast and build trust with your site visitors.

Online Community & Support

Join our online community with thousands of like-minded internet entrepreneurs building massive businesses.

Business Success Guarantee*

If you aren’t satisfied with your business after a year, we’ll purchase the site back from you. You’ll need to enroll in our online training program, The Human Proof Method, and this helps us ensure you’ve had the best training possible to grow your new site.

Starting at $1,298 US

A Sample of Sites for Sale

Messenger Bags

Income Estimates: $626.42
Main Keyword Search Volume:
2,900 Searches/Mo
Brandable domain name
No coding required

Wine Coolers

Income Estimates: $2,504.69
Main Keyword Search Volume:
5,400 Searches/Mo
Brandable domain name
No coding required


Income Estimates: $2,537.33
Main Keyword Search Volume:
4,400 Searches/Mo
Brandable domain name
No coding required

Helping You Through The Whole Journey


Kick start your business with training, a done-for-you website, and a community of like-minded partners. Oh, don’t forget our one-year success guarantee too!*


Need extra tech help? Advice on conversions? Or someone to help you with your SEO? Human Proof Designs is ready to take this on for you and get you from A to Z with hands-on services and technology.


Your business is thriving! Now it’s time to think about selling. Buy low and sell high right? Human Proof Designs will walk you through the sales process safely, get it sold or buy it from you.

Why Choose Human Proof Designs To Build Your Site?

A Trustworthy Reputation

Since 2013, Human Proof Designs has been serving AMAZING customers all over the world and have earned dozens and hundreds of testimonials. To see a few raving reviews, head over to this page.

7,900+ Facebook Page Fans

Sometimes you just need some good social proof before you invest with a business. That’s why Human Proof Designs has grown a strong social following and fan page to nearly 8,000 likes naturally and have built a dependable team of experts across the globe.

A Thriving Community of 10,000 Entrepreneurs & Podcast

Human Proof Designs operates two large Facebook groups, one is public for anyone to join and the other is private for clients only. The public Facebook group is called Building Online Empires and shares the same name as the popular podcast! This guarantees you’ll get lots of support from like-minded site owners ready to help you with advice.

Public Case Studies

Human Proof Designs has dozens of case studies from their customer base but two that stand out are Doug Cunnington’s and Miles Beckler’s. Both Doug and Miles picked up a site from us and started seeing positive results almost immediately. You can check out their online business case studies here.

How It All Works

Choose a Business Model

There are hundreds of ways to make money online but we believe there are 3 distinct business models that are the easiest to grow and manage more passively. Those business models are affiliate marketing, dropshipping (eCommerce) and local lead generation. More on these business models below.

Pick a Niche & Get Your Site Instantly

We’ve searched far and wide for low competition niches and matched Google search terms for you to center and grow your business around. Then we get content written up, build the websites and give you the PROVEN training to grow it further. Hundreds of customers have taken our sites and built noteworthy businesses from the foundation we’ve helped them out with.

Get Our Success Guarantee!

Each site comes with Site Training and you have the option to participate in our Success Guarantee Program by purchasing additional Training around growing your site. The purchase of the additional training reserves you the ability to sell the site back to us after one year.*

* How Does The Success Guarantee Work?
In order to qualify for the Success Guarantee, just purchase the add-on training Human Proof Designs provides (this goes beyond the Site Buyer training that you will receive for free with a site purchase.) The Success Guarantee and add-on training is $249/year and comes with Affiliate Marketing Training, Dropshipping Training, Local Lead Generation Training, SEO, email marketing and much more. If you aren’t satisfied after one year of operating your website, Human Proof Designs will purchase the site back – paying at least 75% or more of your purchase price or we will place your website for sale on our own website and provide the payment after we’ve sold the site there. We’ve been selling our sites very successfully on our own website since 2013.

This is the best opportunity to get started with an online business with the least risk.

Stats & Testimonials


Customers Served Since 2013


Websites Built


Articles Written

I have great news: I sold 5 more products on my HPD site (total 6 in less than 2 weeks). I believe I will start selling every month since my site is ranked for some keywords that are getting consistent traffic. I hope this helps motivate others.

– Ari (website customer)

Thanks for getting me started HPD! I’ve gone through all the courses and tutorials and have spent countless hours with Ahrefs doing keyword and competitor research. 6 items sold in the first month!

– Jay (training customer)

The HPD Community is a great source of knowledge. The majority of posts are by fellow niche site builders and the answers are a goldmine of valuable information. Everybody is in the same boat, which really helps a lot when you are stuck. For anybody who has their doubts about buying one of HPDs done-for-you sites – Do it… Still in the first month and have already made back 15% of the cost to build it…

– Gary (website customer)


When will I get the site?

You’ll receive the site almost immediately. Once you select and purchase a site, you’ll get a receipt and another email invitation with your site credentials and login information.

How fast can I expect to make money with your sites?

Every owner is different and can dedicate more or less time to their site’s success. Some people have the ability to work on their sites as a full-time job so they will inevitably see results faster. For other people whom are working on their sites part time, they can expect to see results starting to snowball after 6+ months – this is why we have Aged Sites available and all of those are at least 6+ months old.

What is the Google Sandbox?

The Google Sandbox is the part of Google’s algorithm which delays the growth of a site simply because it doesn’t trust the website yet. There is no definitive timeline for how long this lasts but much of the SEO community confirms the Sandbox can last 6-12 months. Our “Aged Sites” are all at least 6 months old so this helps you bypass this early time in a site’s life.

How does your training work?

We have Site Buyers training that comes for free with every site purchase and we also have additional training that is part of the HPD Success Guarantee.* The additional training that comes with the Success Guarantee will cover affiliate marketing, dropshipping, local lead generation, SEO, email marketing and much more. This add-on training is more in-depth and catered towards growing your site, not just managing it.

Get Your Site With Human Proof Designs