A few reasons why business owners are choosing to sell with Flippa vs FE International

Flippa is a platform and businesses sell faster. Why? Because we have the largest network of buyers globally.


With Flippa you can choose to work with a world class broker


Our average time to sale is 2.3 months


4,500 new buyers registering each month


Get matched with motivated buyers


World’s largest buyer pool with $7.2bn in collective buyer funds


Superior technology with one-click integrations to Quickbooks and Google Analytics

All the tools you need to buy and sell a business in one place


Due Diligence



Legal Services

What sellers are saying

“Flippa is my go to platform to find high quality interest in my online assets. Having used the platform for several website sales I am always impressed by how seamless every stage of the process is. Having a Flippa rep on hand to liaise between buyer and seller was also very useful.”

Greg Sawers | Scuba Diving Addicts

“It was easy and fast to build our sale listing on Flippa for our SaaS business Twilert. I was surprised by the speed that a number of quality prospective buyers got in touch, with serious questions that showed proper consideration. The team at Flippa were friendly, helpful and on hand to advise us throughout. We finalised a deal quickly, closing and fully handing over the business within three weeks of the money reaching escrow.”

Mark McDermott | Twilert

“Flippa is by far the best platform I have found when selling digital assets. The portal proved to be a powerful, flexible and simple means of getting tens-of-thousands of people to see my business listing. This resulted in several offers being made for the business and ultimately a quick sale of my business. Their Account Manager was always on hand to provide immediate feedback and assist with setting things up. This human touch is what sets Flippa apart from the rest and I have already recommend Flippa to my friends and colleagues.”

Angus Heseltine


How much does it cost to list on Flippa?

Flippa charges a small listing fee of US$15. We do this for a few reasons including ensuring that only legitimate businesses do list on the platform.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes but only where you successfully sell your business. View Success Fees

How should I value my business?

Valuations are dependent on a number of variables. We recommend that you use the Flippa valuation tool. This can be found here.

What do I need to start selling?

It's important you are ready to sell. You should be prepared with current and accurate financials including a verifiable P&L and evidence of revenue. This will significantly increase the credibility of your listing and encourage buyers to ask questions.

What does Flippa help with?

Flippa is a marketplace. As a platform, you can connect with buyers, negotiate a fair a reasonable price for your business, accept an offer, exchange information and finally, safely receive the funds.

How can I get in touch with Flippa?

Flippa has a 24/7 Customer Support team. We are available at [email protected]

How does Broker Matching work?

For businesses with an annual gross profit above $100k you can choose to be matched with an expert and specialised broker. To do this, choose 'Broker Matching' when you list your business on Flippa. Flippa will then send your listing to a collection of expert brokers who will get in touch with you directly. These brokers will then manage the sales process for you on Flippa. Flippa will still support you and present your business to our worldwide network of buyers.

How many buyers does Flippa have?

Our buyer pool is growing daily. We also have a private book of high net worth clients who we introduce relevant business opportunities to. There's over $1.2bn in available funds from Flippa's collective buyer pool.

Are buyers verified?

Yes, when a buyer registers with Flippa they create a profile. As part of this we verify their identity. This is completed using identity verification software.

Why do you ask for my identity to be verified?

This happens when you list your business on Flippa and is a critical piece in assuring buyers, in other words, you are who you say you are. The following will never be shared with any buyer or anyone else who uses Flippa: The photo of your ID The photo you take of yourself

What’s next?

Not ready to sell? Value your business here